Visions of Christmas - Title Graphic
John Card
"A Christmas to Remember Overture"
"One Chaotic Christmas"
Worship Choir

Featuring- James Berrian as Bing Crosby
Rylan Boutwell, Cassidy Moore, Olivia Shoemaker as The Andrews Sisters
Mac Goolsby as The Gift-Wrapped Kid
Dance Cast & Ensemble

"The Manor"

Sextet: Adam Gully, Amanda Gully, Chad Ireton, Caroline Lane, Tami Walker, Rachel Williams

"Children of Christmas"
Children's Choir

Soloist - Olivia Shoemaker
Frosty - Aaron Barlow, Devon Barlow, Luke Cook
Rudolph - Kendall West
Santa - Caleb Cook
Dance Cast

"Always Remember"
Children's Choir

Soloist - MacKenzie West
Dancers: Anna Kate Asby, Abbey Beadles, Camryn Boutwell, Audrey Hudson, Addie Little, Rachel Lyons, Olivia Porter

"I Will Still Believe"
Duet - Kendall West & Jeff Anderson
"Christmas Day"
Worship Choir
Soloist - Jason Blades
"Rebel Heart"
Worship Choir
Soloist - Amanda Gully
"Joy to the World"
Worship Choir
Soloist - Rhonda Williams
Dance Cast
"O Holy Night"
Worship Choir & Children's Choir

Dance & Ensemble


Dr. Ed Young

"Christ is Born"
Worship Choir
The Neezer Family
Ebby Neezer
Amanda Gully
Teen Ebby
Kendall West
Young Ebby
Mackenzie West
Jeff Anderson

Young & Teen Ebby's Dad


Bethany Smith

Young & Teen Ebby's Mom
Caroline Lane
Ebby Neezer's Niece
The Neezer Household Staff Family
Chad Ireton
Tami Walker
Housekeeper & Robert's Wife
Adam Gully
Rachel Williams
Housekeeper & Phillip's Wife
JT Garrett

Phillip & Miranda's Son and Robert & Martha's grandson

Additional Household Staff

Trevor Fannin, Jai Francis, Adrienne Jones,
Olivia Shoemaker

Ebby's dream state scenes
Eva Walters
Angel of Christmas Past
Kendyll Garvin
Angel of Christmas Present
Jason Blades
Angel of Christmas Future

Jai Francis

Special Guest Artists

Jeff Anderson, James Berrian, Andrew Goodwin, Jordan Johnson, Scott Lawrence

Children's Choir

Naod Alem-Zewd
Caroline Bentley
Sofia Brito
Ephraim Bruner
Kaylee Callejas
Caroline Dalton
Layla Duckworth
Opal Graf
Castle Gully
Liesl Gully
Suzanne Hill
Alex Ireton
Allison Lopez
Lizzy Lopez
Eli Maldonado
Eva Maldonado
Nora Maldonado
Catherine Miller
Ifeatu Nwosu
Soso Nwosu
Aymen Obaye
Layla Obaye
Pia Pena
Emory Phillips
Aliana Polak
Justus Polak
Hazel Riebschlaeger
KayLee Risk
Santiago Rodriguez
Sienna Spellman
Emma Sullivan
Prince Tibok

Dance Cast

Sarah Arnold
Abigail Bahamonde
Aaron Barlow
Devon Barlow
Rylan Boutwell
Caleb Cook
Luke Cook
Barbara Ellender
Geneva Hudson
Jerushelin Joslin
Audrey Moore
Cassidy Moore
Charity Moore
Mandy Moore
Shaylee Moore
Pamela Pesantez
Deanna Sullivan
Jacqueline Thomas
Tiffany Thomas

Small Group Dancers

Anna Kate Asby
Abbey Beadles
Elizabeth Blackard
Hannah Blackard
Camryn Boutwell
Kylie Card
Beth Cook
Bonnie Cook
Tess Dains
Audrey Hudson
Addie Little
Rachel Lyons
Sofia Martinez
Megan McDonald
Summer Morriss
Olivia Porter
Bella Smith
Mackenzie West
Kendall West

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following for their portrayal of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus:

Jon & Laura Ellens with Baby Oliver
Zach & Sarah Mitchell with Baby Thatcher
Grant & Bridget Parker with Baby Oliver
Greg & Mia Buratowski with Baby Ansley

Special thanks to the Worship Media team for their efforts in bringing the production to life.

Many thanks to the Woodway Worship Choir for countless hours of rehearsals in addition to all the preparation each week for our Sunday Worship Services!

To the multitude of volunteers that help make our Woodway Worship and Arts Ministry effective all year long and especially during the Christmas season, we love and appreciate you!

We are forever grateful to our SBC Childcare Team for watching over our little ones during the countless hours of show preparations. You are the true unsung heroes!

Yolimar Acosta
Maty Alvarado
Kristen Fusco
Norma Garcia 
Alma Limas
Michelle Martinez
Hilda Melkus
Ann Mitchell 
Aida Narvani
Hannah Perez
Melissa Perez
Sonia Perez
Chad Pleasant 
Yeni Pleasant
Evelyn Vallejo

Dramatic Cast Director
Alli Ryan Motley
Large Group Staging Director
Stephanie Cook

Bethany Smith &
Heather Smith

Set Design

LD Systems, Fuel Films, and
Triple Horse Productions

Original Compositions
"A Christmas to Remember Overture"
by John Stanley
"One Chaotic Christmas"
by John Stanley
"The Manor"

by Josh Smith

"I Will Still Believe"

by Josh Smith

"Always Remember"

Lyrics by Amanda Singer
Music by John Stanley

"O Holy Night"

Arrangement by John Stanley
and Joel Mott

Based on the original play "Ebby Neezer Needs Christmas" by Pat Hines
Published by Eldridge Publishing Company
Adapted with permission by Nancy Brant

Presented by Second Baptist Church • Dr. Ed Young, Pastor

Woodway Student and children's choir rehearsal

Sundays • 1-2PM • E Building 4th Floor

Woodway Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday • 6:30-8:30PM • E Building 2nd Floor

SBC School of Performing Arts information at
For more information, contact Woodway Worship + Arts 713.365.2400