Quiet Time

Spend Time Alone with God

Building A Personal Relationship

God is interested in more time with you than just one day a week. His plans for you are great and His love for you makes Him desire personal interaction with you. Being intentional about time with God doesn’t mean you need to fill your week with church-sponsored programs and events, although being connected with a community of believers is important. It means there should be some ‘behind the scenes’ work going on – work that will have a huge impact on your life moving forward. We call it a quiet time.

These intentional moments create space for Him to teach and mold you. Having a consistent quiet time makes room in your life for God to communicate with you and reveal His purpose for your life. This kind of one on one relationship building is a key to growing as a Christian.

There is no real formula to follow, although most include some combination of prayer and reading the Bible. There are also some great studies and devotional books to use as an aid. We’ve listed a few below in case you want some suggestions.

Recommended resources to assist in your personal time of prayer and studying the Bible


If you have questions about a quiet time, contact us and we will will have someone reach out to you

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