Shoes for Orphan Souls


February 12, 2022 - February 27, 2022


Feb 12-27


Woodway, West, North, South, 1463, Cypress


Brandi Howard



Bring a NEW pair of shoes/boots and socks for a child ages birth to 18.

MILLIONS OF CHILDREN reside in orphanages throughout the world and are in desperate need of new shoes/boots and a new pair of socks. It is a simple gift. In a world where a little can mean so much, a NEW PAIR OF SHOES/ BOOTS lets a child know that they have not been forgotten. Buckner International will deliver shoes/boots to orphanages throughout the world and here in the United States. Shoes have been distributed to children in more than 83 COUNTRIES including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru and Kenya.

New shoes provide health: Help prevent disease and injury caused by walking barefoot for miles to gather clean water or go to school.

New shoes provide education: Many schools around the world require shoes to be worn but shoes are not a luxury many families can afford.

New shoes provide hope: Children in orphanages share everything with no possessions of their own. A new pair of shoes just for them communicates love and lets them know they are special.

• Drop off NEW shoes/boots and socks in marked locations in the Atrium and Lobby areas on all campuses Feb 12-27
• Please pray for the child who will receive your shoes/boots.
• Place a note of encouragement inside the shoes/boots.