The Reflector

PROVERBS 27:19--"As in water, face reflects face; so a man’s heart reveals the man."

The elderly man is unusually vibrant and active. He helped crack the Nazi grip on Europe. Then he launched into another career, earned a doctorate, and in his eighties became an educator. Sunday by Sunday you can see this hero at our church. You would know him by his strong countenance.

At one point, his physical heart said “Enough!” The gentleman had quadruple bypass surgery. But his face never lost the glow of a man with a strong spiritual and moral heart.

What will your demeanor reveal today about the condition of your heart? Energize with God and His Word and—even though your physical heart may be weary, as in the case of my friend— your spiritual and moral heart will reflect God’s strength within you!

Spiritual Heart Focus

Ask God to keep your spiritual and moral heart strong no matter what the condition of your physical heart.

Physical Heart Focus

Be realistic about the limitations of medical science to maintain your physical health.