Janes Grill

Fun, Friendly, Casual Atmosphere

Jane's Grill, which opened in November 1998, provides a quality dining experience in a fun, friendly and casual atmosphere. The restaurant was named after Jane Elder, a dearly-loved member of our church staff.

Located on the second floor of the Woodway Campus, Jane's Grill offers inside and outside dining. The menu includes daily specials, homemade specialty soups and a salad bar. It is the perfect place for Sunday or mid-week lunch.

Hours of Operation

Sunday:  11AM to 1:30PM
Monday - Friday:  Breakfast: 8-10AM; Lunch: 11AM to 1:30PM
Saturday:  Closed    

Menus and Catering

Lunch Menu
Luncheons Menu
Wedding Reception Menu
Party Menus @ Second
Catering Menu
Guidelines for Catering
Guidelines for Usage of Food Services Facilities
Steps to Organize a Woodway Event for Bible Study Classes