Sunday Bulletin--Computer & Tablets: 02/07/16


This edition of Sunday's bulletin is formatted for computers and tablets.

Download: Bulletin 2016-0207 Bill-Computer & Tablet

Sunday Bulletin--Phones: 02/07/16


This Edition of the bulletin is formatted for use on Smart Phones only

Download: Bulletin 2016-0207 Bill-Phone

Lesson Schedule


February 14: Stephanie Blackburn -- Matthew 11:20-30
February 21: George Thompson -- Matthew 12:38-42
February 28: Bill Pielop -- Matthew 13:1-13


March 6: Stephanie Blackburn -- Acts 1:1-26
March 13: George Thompson -- Acts 2:1-15
March 20: Bill Pielop -- Acts 2:41-47
March 27: Stephanie Blackburn -- Acts 2:14-46; Luke 24:1-2

Lesson-Lifeway (C-T-P)


This coming Sunday's lesson from the Lifeway Quarterly

Download: Lesson 2016-0214

Christian History Magazine (C-T-P)


Here we will have the current edition of Christian History Magazine, suitable for reading on Computer, tablet, and even Smart Phone. Previous editions can be found in the "Files" section of this website.

Download: Writings that Changed the Church

E-Books (C-T)


Digital books on a variety of subjects, from the Biblical Archaeology Society. The book of current interest is attached here, but more e-books are available in the "Files" section of this website. These short books are written by various archaeologists and often provide differing views on the same subject.

These books are easily read on a Computer & Tablet, but might be a bit small on a Smart Phone

Download: The Galilee Jesus Knew

Explore the Bible Series Lessons for 2015-2016


Here's the Lifeway Explore the Bible schedule that will take us  through August 2016.

Download: ETB Lesson Schedule Details-2015-2016

Explore the Bible Series — 2007-2015


The lesson curriculum that Perfect Peace Class is using is from Lifeway and is called "Explore the Bible."  It is an eight year plan that has lessons in every book of the Bible, alternating between the Old and New Testaments.  The plan began in 2007 and will conclude in 2015.  
    Click on the Download link below to see the entire 8 year plan.

Download: ETB Lesson Schedule--2014-2023



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