Focus Your Influence Evangelism Training


15-Jan-2020 - 08-Mar-2020




Woodway, West, North, South, 1463, Cypress


All Campus





Becoming an “Influencer” has a whole new meaning in our digital age. Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Apps all contain stories written by people getting paid to “influence” others toward purchasing a particular product. At Second, everything we do falls under the umbrella of our mission statement, The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. As believers, we have the opportunity and privilege of sharing the incredible product of the Good News of Jesus Christ with those in our sphere of influence. The question is how can we become Influencers for Christ?

This 8-week class will help you get prepared! It will be informative and practical!

Wednesday Class: Jan 15 – Mar 4
Sunday Class: Jan 19 – Mar 8

Topics include:
~Sharing in Your Sphere of Influence
~The Power of Your Story
~Essentials of the Gospel
~How to Start a Spiritual Conversation
~World Religions
~FAQ’s and How to Respond

This class is free, but registration is required. A workbook will be provided for each participant.

Woodway Campus Class Options: Wed 6:30-7:15pm (childcare available by advance reservation) | Spanish Class also available on Wed night • Sun 4-5:15pm (no childcare)
Click here to register for a Woodway class
Jana Lohse – 713.365.3456 –

West Campus Class Options: Wed 6:30pm in Youth Area (Childcare available by advance registration) | Sun 4pm in Worship Center
Click here to register for a West class
Vanessa Radomski – 713.465.3408 x1513 –

North Campus Class Options: Wed Noon-1:15pm (FLC 108) | Wed 6:30-7:45pm (Rm B-212 and Spanish-speaking in FLC 204) (childcare available by advance reservation) | Sun 4-5:15pm (FLC Gym)
Click here to register for a North class
Micah Gill – 713.365.6340 –

South Campus Class Options: Tue (Begins Jan 14) 10am • Rm 101
Click here to register for the Tuesday Women’s class
Wed • 6:30PM • Rm 101 | Sun • 9:30 & 11AM • Rm 104 Click here to register for South’s Sunday or Wednesday Class
Buddy Hunter – 713.365.6001 –

Cypress Campus Class Options: Wed 6:30pm (full children’s programming available) | Sun 4pm (childcare available)
Click here to register for a Cypress class
Jonathan Spencer – 713.365.6011 –

1463 Campus Class Options: Wed 6:30-7:30pm (childcare available by advance reservation) | Click here to register for 1463’s Wednesday Class
Sun 5-6pm (Childcare available by advance registration)
Click here to register for 1463’s Sunday Class
Kyle Leak – 713.465.3408 –