Behold and Believe – South


Sep 13 - Nov 8


10:00 am




Becky Henson



Ladies, I hope you will make plans to join us in Room 101 at 10 AM beginning Tuesday, September 13, as we journey through the book of John. We look to Jesus to be saved. But, when we BEHOLD Jesus, we are transformed!

John was a devoted follower of Jesus and eyewitness of His majesty! He beheld Christ’s miracles, teachings, and suffering. John stood in awe inside the empty tomb and ate breakfast with the resurrected Lord. Through John’s testimony, we come to behold and believe that Jesus is indeed a son of God and the Savior of the World.

In Behold and Believe, Marian Jordan Ellis will lead us verse by verse through the gospel of John. Through the 8 weeks Bible study and the 9 video teaching lessons, she explains the Old Testament signs, symbols, and prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

We will discover why Jesus is called the Word, Lamb of God, Son of Man, Messiah, and Light of the World. This study dives into the Jewish roots of John’s Gospel and the Old Testament Feasts so participants can comprehend the marvelous revelation of Christ in the New Testament.

Our desire is that our faith is deepened and that we are personally transformed as we behold the glory of God and Jesus Christ.

The workbooks for this study may be purchased on Amazon or ordered through Barnes & Noble.

Cost for Childcare is $25 for the semester and payable the first day of class.

You must register your nursery age children with Brooke Mosby at