Battle Lines


22-Dec-2020 - 18-May-2021


7:00 pm






Kevin Spain




This Christ-centered support group is focused on helping men be set free from all types of unwanted sexual behaviors, including internet pornography use, infidelity, use of prostitutes, and other sexual compulsions. The group began 16 years ago and is led by a Second staff pastor who is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) from the Counseling at Second team.

Sex addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. Without help, it is too much for most men. But there is One who has all power — that One is Jesus Christ. This is the foundation of the Battles Lines (BL) program. BL is a spiritual program based on Jesus Christ’s promise that he came to set the captive free and on the belief we are unable to achieve complete freedom from sexual addiction through our own efforts, but that Jesus Christ can accomplish for us what we could not do alone.

The group is both a book study where participatory discussion is encouraged, followed by small break-out groups with open and honest confidential sharing that builds connectivity among the men. In the book study, we read literature focusing on sex addiction and on developing a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. The BL format gives men the opportunity to talk about their lives and their addiction with other sex addicts, people who have had similar experiences and understand the problems they face.

All participation is voluntary. Men are not required to speak if they don’t want to. Just by listening, men can learn how other BL men became honest, confronted their addiction, found support from fellow BL men, and practiced the BL program. You can learn how others have faced problems similar to yours, and how they have used the tools of the BL program to deal with them.

All participants contribute to making the BL meetings safe places where there is complete confidentiality and where there is no condemnation of a BL brother. We meet as equals, helping one another to achieve freedom from sex addiction and to practice a new way of life made possible by an increased love and affection for our Lord and Savior.

There is no cost to attend, no requirement you attend church at Second, and no requirement you are a Christian. BL is open to all men who have a desire to stop unwanted sexual behaviors. There is no other requirement.

You may initially feel some fear or resistance about attending your first BL meeting. That is completely normal. But remember, every man in the BL program at one point attended their first meeting as well. If you take this crucial first step, you will be among others like you and hear their stories. You will be amazed to find other men honestly sharing their challenges around sex addiction. As you witness their honesty and openness, in time you too will feel welcome to speak candidly about yourself.

The group is currently meeting virtually. We are currently studying the book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing, by Jay Stringer. Please contact Kevin Spain at for information. Join us on Tuesday nights at 7PM virtually until we are able to again meet in person at the Second Woodway campus.