God Provides

Day 5 Devotional

Beach Retreat is over and students are back home! During the week, they learned a lot during their daily Silent Sounds experiences. Their workbook includes a final session that they have been encouraged to complete within a few days of returning home.

At Beach Retreat, the students were free from distractions during Silent Sounds. Now that they are back home, finding a time and space to spend time alone with God is important. Encourage your student to continue this important spiritual discipline.

READ Philippians 4:10-23

These verses are the final passage in Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi. Remember, Paul and Timothy are in prison as they write these words of instruction and encouragement. These are possibly the last words they can say to their friends. Paul thanks the church for supporting him in his ministry and reminds them that they are an answer to prayer and have been a means of provision for Him.

What is the secret to being content? (Look at verses 12 & 13)

Trust God’s Provision
You will experience hardships in your life. The secret to being content is trusting in the Lord’s provision. It is not easy to see how things will work out or to trust that you will receive everything you need when you are walking through a difficult time in your life. The authors of the book of Philippians didn't know how the Lord would provide for them, but they were confident that He would provide. You can trust that the Lord will provide what you need even when you do not know how or when. The Bible is full of accounts of God’s provision for His children. Read the following passage to learn how God provided just what Abraham needed – just when he needed it most!
God Provides for Abraham

READ Genesis 22:1-19

Do you realize that God instructed Abraham to sacrifice His son? And Abraham, even though he didn’t understand, was faithful to the Lord and prepared to do what He asked. Abraham did not know why the Lord would ask him to sacrifice Isaac, especially since Isaac was his only son. God had promised Abraham that his family would become greater than the pebbles of sand on the beach and the number of stars in the sky. Abraham trusted the Lord to provide even when it was hard, and God did just that.

God provided a ram for the sacrifice at just the right moment. He provided what was needed so Isaac did not have to die and to show Abraham that He was the ultimate provider. You can trust that the Lord will provide what you need! It may not be at the time you think it should be or even in the way you imagined, but the Lord will provide. He even provides for you in ways you do not realize.


Take a moment to pray and think about what you have just read. Just as the authors of Philippians ended their letter with a time of reflection and thanksgiving, you can complete your time of Silent Sounds by doing the same. Reflect on God's provision for you and thank Him for all He has done for you. As you learned in your study of Philippians 4:6, God wants you to bring your all your requests to Him.

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