Silent Sounds



Welcome to Silent Sounds!

Thank you for subscribing to the Silent Sounds daily devotionals that are an important part of Second’s Beach Retreat experience for our JHigh and High School students each summer. Silent Sounds refers to the times that students “unplug” from all distractions and spend time alone with God. If you have seen photos from previous Beach Retreats, you know how incredible it is to see thousands of students seated on a long stretch of sand – with workbooks and Bibles in hand – ready for an adventure in God’s Word.

This year the goal of the Silent Sounds devotionals is to introduce students to a personal and in-depth study of God’s instruction book for us – the Bible. They will learn why the Bible is important and how to read and study it for themselves. Then, they will apply these skills to a study of Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi.

The devotionals you receive each day will mirror what our students are studying during their quiet times on the beach each morning and late afternoon. As you read them, pray for the students who are attending this life-changing week at the beach. Ask God to speak to your heart as well. In the busyness of our daily lives, this may be the perfect opportunity to discover anew – or for the first time – how powerful a daily time in God’s Word can be.