Loving Kids

A significant new ministry, Loving Kids, has been developed to help make a difference in the lives of children and families for generations to come. In conjunction with members of The Community of Faith (Bishop James Dixon, Pastor) and Galilee Missionary Baptist Church (Dr. Edwin Davis, Pastor) the Second Family will initially focus volunteer efforts at three elementary schools in the Acres Homes subdivision.

Why Acres Homes?

At a historic vision casting and launch event on May 31, Loving Kids board member Jodie Jiles explained that the violent crime rate in Acres Homes is twice the rate in Greater Houston. The average Acres Homes household income is 60% less than that in the rest of Houston, and more than 25,000 households in Acres Homes qualify for federal HUD loans.

Why Elementary Schools?

As many as 85% of the children attending the three target elementary schools are in the free lunch program. Statistics indicate that children whose reading level is significantly below grade level are at greater risk to experience problems in school and in life. In fact, the Texas Department of Corrections plans their long-term prison capacity based on 3rd grade literacy; if children cannot read by the third grade, the state “is building a prison cell for them.”

The Program

Three elementary schools, all located in Acres Homes, have been selected as the primary targets for assistance during the school year, including programs during the school day, after school, and periodic special projects. During the school day, volunteers are needed to serve as mentors and teachers’ aides, provide administrative support, serve as lunchroom monitors, and help with teacher appreciation. After school volunteers are needed as tutors, and to help serve snacks, provide language enrichment and help children with their homework. Periodic help at these same schools will include serving as chaperones for field trips, and work projects such as painting, facilities repairs, play area construction and storage area organization.

Highland Heights Elementary
865 Paul Quinn St.
Houston, TX 77091

Goodman Elementary School
9325 Deer Trail
Houston, TX 77088

Osborne Elementary School
800 Ringold St.
Houston, TX 77088

How Can I Get Involved

The first step for any of the volunteer activities listed here is to complete the online Volunteer Form. On the form, indicate the days you are available to help, the time(s) that work best for you, and the category of volunteer service for which you feel best suited. You will then be contacted with specific information on next steps for engaging in Loving Kids.
Volunteer Form

Upcoming Work Days

Fall Workday at all 3 Elementary Schools
Sat • Oct 15 • 9AM – 12PM
Outdoor projects such as landscaping, painting and light repairs

Other Saturday workdays are in the planning stages and will be posted on this page as information is finalized.

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