The Calloused Heart

PSALM 17:10-- "They have closed up their fat hearts; with their mouths they speak proudly."

A businessman told me, “Every transaction I get involved in makes me realize more calluses are being built on my heart.”

Literally, an unfeeling heart is one enclosed in its own fat. A thick layer of flesh keeps the heart from being sensitive. A callus is a thickening of the skin from rubbing and pressure, and is relatively insensitive.

So it is with the heart. In an effort to protect ourselves, we try to turn off our feelings. Yet not only do we shield ourselves from those who irritate and stress us, but we’re isolated from those we care about the most.

Most often, calluses have to be cut off or shaved down by a physician. Is your heart becoming calloused Allow the Holy Spirit to cut off the layers making you insensitive!

Spiritual Heart Focus

Ask the Holy Spirit to do surgery on your heart, remove the calluses, and restore the sensitivity of your spiritual and emotional heart.

Physical Heart Focus

Make sure your lower back is fully supported when doing sit–ups or crunches.