The Projector

PROVERBS 27:19-- "As in water face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man."

Long ago, moviegoers in the American West watched silent movies with the same formula: a black–hatted fiend tries to eliminate the hero and save the innocent lass.

Once, a cowboy in the theater suddenly shouted, “We ain’t gonna let him get away with that, are we?” He and his fellow viewers yanked their six guns and riddled the screen, firing at an enemy that wasn’t there. To get rid of the bad guy, they should have aimed at the projector.

Total heart health is not the result of aiming at symptoms, imagined or otherwise. Physically, an ashen face is not cured by cosmetics, but by dealing with the heart congestion that may be causing it. Spiritually, healing doesn’t come by dabbling with the superficial manifestations of sin, but by going right to the core, the heart that needs Christ’s transforming touch.

Spiritual Heart Focus

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you are "shooting at the screen" with respect to issues in your life. Confess the real sin to God and receive His forgiveness.

Physical Heart Focus

Save money and calories by planning all your meals for the week, then preparing a grocery list based on the plan.