Radio Live Broadcast

9:30AM Woodway Sunday Worship Service
KKHT 100.7FM at 9:30AM
KHCB 105.7FM at 9:30AM


Since its beginnings in 1979, the Winning Walk has grown into an international television, radio and internet outreach. The Winning Walk program and ministry takes its title from one of Dr. Young’s first books, The Winning Walk: Outfitting for the Christian Adventure.

Local TV Broadcast Schedule

KETH TV 14 (TBN) Sundays at 9:30AM
KLTJ TV 22 (Daystar) Sundays at 11AM
KHOU TV 11 – Sundays at 10:30AM

Local Radio Broadcast Schedule

KKHT 100.7FM Mon-Fri 2AM, 8AM, 7:30PM
XM131 Mon-Fri 10AM
Sirius 131 Mon-Fri 10AM


Online Broadcast
Audio Podcast