2018 Spring • REBUILDERS, Overcoming Divorce is a program designed to help individuals work through the issues associated with divorce and loss. Each seminar is taught by licensed counselors and covers topics such as grief, anger, self-esteem and boundaries. Whether you are separated, newly divorced, or have been divorced for many years, this program will meet you where you are in life.

REBUILDERS, Overcoming Divorce Topic Overview
1. Designing a Blueprint for the Process of Reconstruction
2. How to Manage the Anger Effectively
3. Small Group Discussion - Grief and Anger
4. Examining and Repairing the Foundation of Self-Esteem
5. Small Group Discussion - Self-Esteem
6. Rebuilding the Framework by Setting Healthy Boundaries
7. Small Group Discussion - Boundaries
8. Forgiveness Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
9. Small Group Discussion - Forgiveness
10. A Closer Look at Key Elements of Highly Effective Relationships
11. Small Group Discussion - Highly Effective Relationships
12. Sharing the Fruits of the Spirit of your Labor in Healthier Relationships
13. Celebration/Panel Discussion

REBUILDERS for children and teens ages 6-18 years old is also available.

For more information, please contact Lynn Roberts, lroberts@second.org or 713.365.2335.