July  in the Nursery


In the Nursery, we believe every baby and toddler can experience God's love through classes filled with prayer, fun toys, and activities led by loving caregivers.

Bible Story:  Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (John 6:5-11)
Key Verse:  "With love, help each other." Galatians 5:13
Main Point:  God Wants Me to Share

Jesus loves us so much that He helps us have the things we need. We too can help others in need by blessing them and sharing just as the Lord has blessed us!

God's Garden

A 20-minute worship time, filled with music, singing and plenty of movement designed with a 2-year old in mind! It's a highlight of the morning!- located in Lower F Building

Times and Locations

The Nursery is located in A Building. Children will be received 15 minutes prior to a scheduled event.

Regular Hours:
Saturday, 5-7:30PM
Sunday, 8:15AM-12:30PM
Wednesday, 5-7:30PM

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Team Kid Birth to 2 Years Old

Soccer Shots (Fall Semester)
3 year old class-10:15AM-10:50AM
PreK/Bridge Class (non lunch bunch)-12:15PM-12:50PM
PreK/Bridge Class (lunch bunch)-1:15PM-1:50PM
Kinder Class-2:45PM-3:25PM
1st & 2nd Class-3:45-4:25PM

Registration is now open online for Soccer Shots Fall Semester Classes!
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Are You an Expectant Parent?
Let us pray for you and your new child.
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Baby Bible Presentation
Let us honor your child with his/her first copy of the New Testament.
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