The Hollow Heart

NAHUM 2:10--"She is empty, desolate, and waste! The heart melts, and the knees shake; much pain is in every side, and all their faces are drained of color."

After a hurricane ripped our city in 1983, I walked my neighborhood and looked at the many downed trees. I was surprised that pines I thought would snap still stood, while some big oaks I thought would stand had been destroyed. The oaks fell because insects had been eating at them for years, and they were hollowed out.

In the verse above, the Prophet Nahum considers the city of Nineveh, once so pumped up in her arrogance. But evil has eaten out her core, and she is hollow. She melts like a hollow wax form.

This is a picture of the human heart that allows sin to snack on its interior. Gradually, small sins erode the substance, and the heart is an empty vessel with no strength to stand when the winds of testing come.

Get the bugs out of your heart. Fill it with God’s truth and its inner strength will be restored.

Spiritual Heart Focus

Allow God’s Spirit to reveal little things eating at your heart, and ask for Christ’s blood to remove them.

Physical Heart Focus

Split your exercise routine rather than exercising your whole body every time.