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Baptism at Second
Every Sunday • 8:15AM & 12PM
Do you have questions about baptism?
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Wed • 7PM
An important series with Dr. Wallace Henley
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Second Beginnings
Wed • 7PM
Second Beginnings
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Topical & Accredited Studies

Check the events calendar for information about periodic topical studies and college-level courses to enrich your study and application of biblical principles.

Marrieds Ministry

Strengthen Your Marriage, Your Friendships & Your Daily Walk

From the early stages of married life through the empty nest years and beyond, this ministry provides a host of opportunities to build and strengthen your relationships with others while deepening your relationship with God. Bible Study classes offer dynamic teaching, provide support for the challenges of each season of life, and host social events, service projects and small groups.

Get in Touch

Married Adult Ministry: 713.722.1803


Sunday Classes

5270Real Life30-409:30 AML Building316Sunday Classesvisit website
4722The Balance20-309:30 AML Building320Sunday Classesvisit website
5732Canvas20-2911:00 AMW BuildingWH-101Sunday Classesvisit website
5729The Patio20-3011:00 AML Building331Sunday Classesvisit website

Sunday Classes

5728Awaiting40-509:30 AML Building326Sunday Classesvisit website
148Cornerstone55+9:30 AML Building305Sunday Classesvisit website
5727Full Circle50+9:30 AML Building313Sunday Classesvisit website
150Higher Ground60+9:30 AML Building304Sunday Classesvisit website
5270Real Life30-409:30 AML Building316Sunday Classesvisit website
5724Rooted40-509:30 AML Building324Sunday Classesvisit website
5725The Race40-509:30 AML Building321Sunday Classesvisit website
5726The Vine50+9:30 AML Building327Sunday Classesvisit website
4794Turnout30-409:30 AML Building331Sunday Classesvisit website

Sunday Classes

3469FlourishAll9:30 AMK Building318Sunday Classesvisit website
2658GatekeepersAll9:30 AML Building307Sunday Classesvisit website
4944GoPROAll9:30 AML Building332Sunday Classesvisit website
5734La Vid VerdaderaAll9:30 AMK BuildingK-CoreSunday Classesvisit website
158Maranata Cristo vieneAll9:30 AMW Building104Sunday Classesvisit website
3503Portuguese Bible StudyAll9:30 AML Building319Sunday Classesvisit website
4801Stepping StonesAll9:30 AML Building330Sunday Classesvisit website
6063FUSE30-4011:00 AML Building332Sunday Classesvisit website

Wednesday Classes

4106ApologiaAll7:00 PML Building332Wednesday Classesvisit website
5443Second BeginningsAll7:00 PML Building305Wednesday Classesvisit website