The Springs of Life

PROVERBS 4:23-- "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life."

Our spiritual heart defines our character.

“Jericho” means “fragrant,” and people found the city a pleasant place to live. But at one point, the quality of life in the whole region declined because the headwaters of the stream providing vitality to the area went bad. At the request of the men of the city, Elisha poured
salt on the source of the water and purified the stream (2 Kings 2:19–22).

Just as it is vital to constantly monitor water quality, we also must watch over the wellspring of the spiritual heart. Moral pollution at the headwaters of personality spreads spiritual disease to the total person, reducing the quality of living and bringing the threat of death.

Spiritual Heart Focus

Worship God as the ultimate wellspring of all that is pure and good.

Physical Heart Focus

Substitute water for soft drinks or other beverages.