Where the Heart Can Stand

PHILIPPIANS 4:1--"Therefore, my beloved and longed–for brethren, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, beloved."
To stand firm, we must use big truth in everyday places and apply cosmic principles in contemporary situations. That means we must train our hearts to sense the whole sweep of eternity in the mundane events of the routine world.

Towers can be toppled, but the cross still stands. Candidates and movements come and go, but the age–old Gospel rises over people and nations, invulnerable to the assaults of intellectual, cultural, and physical persecution.

Today’s shallow society doesn’t want to look at the big questions. The preference is for the bottom line of the ten easy steps to a “new you.”

But the ten easy steps are carved out of mud. When the rains come, they wash away.

For stability, the heart must stand on the ten truths carved into stone.

Spiritual Heart Focus

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the shaky places where you may be trying to stand. Establish your stand in each of these areas on His revealed truth.

Physical Heart Focus

If you have previous knee injuries, check with your physician before beginning weightlifting exercises.