Kid's Crazy Christmas Show
Thu & Fri • Nov 30 & Dec 1 • 6:30 & 7:30PM; Sat • Dec 2 • 10 & 11AM
The Kid's Crazy Christmas Show is free for the entire family!
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Wed • Begins Aug 23 • 6-7:30PM
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Worship, Arts & Music

WAM! (Worship Arts & Music) is for children in grades 1-5. Come be a part of leading worship during the most wonderful time of the year! Join our children's choir as we prepare for our "Fall Celebration" and "Songs of Christmas." Students will have the opportunity to sing in Worship on a weekend in October, as well as two weekends in December. No registration is required.

Times & Locations
Sep 13 - Dec 6
Wednesdays • 5-5:45PM 
Room B203

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