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Wednesday Night Kickoff
Wed • Aug 15 • 6-7:30PM
Come check out our Wednesday night events for the Fall!
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20/20 Church-Wide Leadership Summit
Sunday, August 26 at 4:00 PM
Join us for a Church-Wide Leadership Summit! Learn practical principles that apply directly to your area of leadership!
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Hombres de Valor
Wed • 6:30PM
Join us as we study God's Word together.

Join with other Spanish speaking men as we study God's Word on Wednesday nights
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Men’s Ministry
Pastor Brian Harris
713.465.3408 xt. 1393

Equipping Men to be Godly Leaders

What does God have to say about the role of men in modern society and how does that compare with what we're told by television, print and social media, and even our closest friends?  These programs, events and Bible studies just for men are designed to clear the water and prepare us to live God-honoring lives.


Sundays • 9:30AM • B 318

Join men of all ages and walks of life as we delve into God's Word together.  Dynamic, thought-provoking teaching and deep fellowship are the hallmarks of this class.

Tuesdays • 6:30PM • FLC 204

Join us as we walk Step by Step Though the Old Testament providing a framework for understanding and interpreting the Old Testament.

Hombres de Valor

Wednesdays • 6:30PM •  FLC 202

¿Quieres ser un hombre de intachable virtud y valor? Únete a este estudio bíblico con hombres de habla hispana para que tu fe crezca y tu caminar con Dios sea más fuerte. Aprende a liderar con valentía y coraje con otros Hombres de Valor!


Wednesdays • 6:30AM or 6:30PM •  FLC 108
March 28th - May 9th

Join us for this relevant and challenging Bible study for men of all ages.