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Christmas Under the Big Top
Fri • Dec 14 • 7PM
Sat • Dec 15 • 12, 3 & 7:30PM
Sun • Dec 16 • 2, 4:30 & 7PM

Celebrate the magnificent, spectacular joy of Christmas through high-flying feats and death-defying stunts at the final chapter of Christmas Under the Big Top Dec 14-16!
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Snowed In at Second
Sat • Dec 15 • 7PM & Sun • Dec 16 • Noon
There's frosty fun waiting for you. Come join us for Snowed In at Second.
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Tim Hawkins LIVE
Sunday night January 27 from 7-10pm
Tim Hawkins concert at the Woodway Campus
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Topical & Accredited Studies

Check the events calendar for information about periodic topical studies and college-level courses to enrich your study and application of biblical principles.

Marrieds Ministry

Strengthen Your Marriage, Your Friendships & Your Daily Walk

From the early stages of married life through the empty nest years and beyond, this ministry provides a host of opportunities to build and strengthen your relationships with others while deepening your relationship with God. Bible Study classes offer dynamic teaching, provide support for the challenges of each season of life, and host social events, service projects and small groups.

Get in Touch

Married Adult Ministry: 713.365.6307


Saturday Classes

140Lighthouse20-355:00 PMB BuildingB-218Saturday Classesvisit website

Sunday Classes

5963Becoming OneAll9:30 AMA BuildingA319Sunday Classes 
3775DIG20-309:30 AMB BuildingB-218Sunday Classesvisit website
2334Flame20-309:30 AMB BuildingB-203Sunday Classesvisit website
4248The Knot20-309:30 AMA BuildingA-306Sunday Classesvisit website
5025The MixAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-307Sunday Classesvisit website
5746AnchoredAll11:00 AMB BuildingB-202Sunday Classesvisit website
3604The PursuitAll11:00 AMFLCFLC-204Sunday Classesvisit website

Saturday Classes

6071CrosswalkAll5:00 PMB BuildingB-209Saturday Classesvisit website
4304Rx For Life30-595:00 PMB BuildingB-203Saturday Classesvisit website
3909Warriors60+5:00 PMB BuildingB-202Saturday Classesvisit website
3907Happy Days50-597:15 PMA BuildingA-306Saturday Classesvisit website

Sunday Classes

3903Rise and Shine45+8:15 AMB BuildingB-312Sunday Classesvisit website
3895Challenge30-499:30 AMA BuildingA-307Sunday Classesvisit website
4299Family and FriendsAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-220Sunday Classesvisit website
5292Higher CallingAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-310Sunday Classesvisit website
3893Huddle Up30-599:30 AMB BuildingB-214Sunday Classesvisit website
4439PurposeAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-209Sunday Classesvisit website
3605Relevant30-699:30 AMB BuildingB-216Sunday Classesvisit website
5569Under ConstructionAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-202Sunday Classesvisit website
5746AnchoredAll11:00 AMB BuildingB-202Sunday Classesvisit website
3904BestBuds us50-6911:00 AMB BuildingB-216Sunday Classesvisit website
5966Empty NestersAll11:00 AMB BuildingB303Sunday Classesvisit website
3911Exploring The BibleAll11:00 AMA BuildingA-306Sunday Classesvisit website
5029Family Connection30-5911:00 AMB BuildingB-203Sunday Classesvisit website
3906Friends60+11:00 AMB BuildingB-214Sunday Classesvisit website
3566Kingdom Citizens40-6911:00 AMB BuildingB-218Sunday Classesvisit website
5121Living Second40-6911:00 AMB BuildingB-209Sunday Classesvisit website
5747Pathfinders50+11:00 AMB BuildingB-318Sunday Classesvisit website
127Seekers40-6911:00 AMB BuildingB-307Sunday Classesvisit website
2053The Expositors20+11:00 AMB BuildingB-312Sunday Classesvisit website
3910Walking Together40+11:00 AMB BuildingB-212Sunday Classesvisit website
3468We Are ONE40-6911:00 AMA BuildingA-307Sunday Classesvisit website

Saturday Classes

3902Gracetime20+5:00 PMB BuildingB-220Saturday Classesvisit website
4415Los de el CaminoAll5:00 PMA BuildingA-307Saturday Classesvisit website

Sunday Classes

110Amigos de Dios20+9:30 AMB BuildingB-312Sunday Classesvisit website
3561Chinese20+9:30 AMB BuildingB-319Sunday Classes 
4459Second ConnectioinsAll9:30 AMFLCFLC-104Sunday Classesvisit website
5572The WellAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-303Sunday Classesvisit website
5569Under ConstructionAll9:30 AMB BuildingB-202Sunday Classesvisit website
116Watchmen20+9:30 AMB BuildingB-318Sunday Classesvisit website
5746AnchoredAll11:00 AMB BuildingB-202Sunday Classesvisit website
3900Caregivers64+11:00 AMA BuildingA-302Sunday Classesvisit website
6067El PoderAll11:00 AMB BuildingB-220Sunday Classesvisit website
3899Silver BellesAll11:00 AMA BuildingA-129Sunday Classesvisit website
5749Traveling LightAll11:00 AMB BuildingB-310Sunday Classesvisit website

Tuesday Classes

5860Christian DenominationsAll6:30 PMB BuildingB-212Tuesday Classesvisit website
6258Tuesday Coed ClassAll6:30 PMB BuildingB-212Tuesday Classes 

Wednesday Classes

2050Ironmen AM NAll6:30 AMFLC108Wednesday Classesvisit website
6209How to Teach the BibleAll6:30 PMB BuildingB-220Wednesday Classes 
6259Wednesday Coed ClassAll6:30 PMA BuildingA-306Wednesday Classes