Resources for Preparing Your Bible Study Lesson

Scripture & Word Studies

Bible Gateway
Bible Study Tools (
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary
Nave's Topical Bible
Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Concordance (English Word Etymologies)

Church History & Maps
PBS: 1st Century Rome
Sketches of Church History - 33 AD to Reformation

Commentaries, Books, & Sermons - Bible Study Commentaries
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Commentaries
Constable, Thomas -Expository Notes -
Piper, John - Sermons and Online Library
Spurgeon, Charles - Sermons
Henry, Matthew - Commentary
Spurgeon, Charles - Commentary on Psalms - Sermons
MacArthur, John - Sermons & Articles
Molher, Al - Commentaries on Church & Culture
Precept/Austin - Language Tools
Tyndale House - Online Library and Commentary

Illustrations, Notes, & Anecdotes - Illustrations - Illustrations*

Statistics, Facts, & Trends
Demographics Magazine*
Gallup Polls
George Barna Research
University of Michigan - Center for Statistics
US Census Bureau
US Government Statistics

News, Articles, Magazines, & Journals

CNN (Cable News Network)
Christianity Today
The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview
Houston Chronicle
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
US News & World Report
USA Today
World Magazine*

Children and Youth Resources
Virtual Church
Calvary Chapel

Audio Sermons, Commentaries, & Broadcasts

Mohler, Al - Radio Broadcast Commentaries
Young, Ed - Winning Walk Broadcasts - Various Preachers and Radio Personalities

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