The Dry Heart

PSALM 143:6--"I spread out my hands to You; my soul longs for You like a thirsty land."
“My preacher is so dry, I would be scared to strike a match around him,” a man told me once.

Most of us, not just preachers, experience times when our souls are as parched as a desert floor under a summer sun on a cloudless day. “Parched” means languid, dull, low in energy, full of weariness and boredom. When your passion is flat–lined, you’re suffering from dry heart.

David said his cure was to “spread out my hands,” meaning he prayed. When our hearts are dry, praying is not high on our priority list. Neither does a thirsty person feel like digging a well, but the well is the way to the water that quenches the thirst.

When the heart is dry, don’t try to dredge up a religious prayer. Set aside some time to wait in God’s presence. Immerse yourself in worship of the Most High. Stretch yourself out before Him so you can get rained on!

Spiritual Heart Focus

Are you suffering the symptoms of a dry heart? Allow the Holy Spirit to water your heart through worshipful prayer.

Physical Heart Focus

Rather than ordering a side of beef when eating out, order the four–ounce to six–ounce cut of lean meat, or try the fish.